Doncaster council rakes in £9k by overcharging drivers on parking meters

A parking meter in Doncaster
A parking meter in Doncaster

Council coffers in Doncaster were boosted by more than £9,000 by overcharging motorists, new figures have shown.

Data revealed through a Freedom of Information request show Doncaster Council raked in a total of £9,100.03 through motorists ‘overspending’ on its parking meters in 2014.

The council’s parking meters do not give change – forcing any motorist paying cash but without the right money to spend more on parking than they need to.

Lee Storrar, a Doncaster motorist, told the Free Press he was forced to pay 60p more for parking in the Colonnades car park than the tariff required him to.

Mr Storrar was then fined £25 for leaving 13 minutes late.

He said: “When I was issued the fine I couldn’t get my head around the fact that an organisation as large as the council and which is there to serve the public, can simply take money this way without offering either change or giving you extra time on your stay equivalent to the overspend.

“What they are doing to me seems like daylight robbery.

“If my window cleaner didn’t have any change on him, he wouldn’t turn around and say ‘tough luck I haven’t got any change I’m going to keep your £10 note’.

Parking at the Colonnades, which has a total of 95 spaces, costs £1.20 per hour.

The parking tariffs, fines and methods of payment, which includes the option to pay using a mobile phone, are signposted near all of the council’s parking meters.

Council assistant director of regeneration and environment Gill Gillies said: “All our pay and display car parks in Doncaster clearly say that no change is given.

She added: “There is also the option to pay for parking by phone, which allows people to avoid overpaying if they don’t have correct change, and again this is well sign-posted.

“We encourage everyone to ensure they have the correct change for the parking time they need, or to use the pay-by-phone service that is available to avoid this kind of situation.”