Doncaster Council could see its number of politicians cut

Doncaster's Mansion House
Doncaster's Mansion House

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England will look into whether Doncaster Council needs to change the number of councillors sitting on the authority later this year.

The Commission will undertake its preliminary work between April and October 2013, the council has announced. During this time the commission will meet with the full council, the elected mayor, the political group leaders, parishes and officers. It could mean a cut in the number of councillors.

The commission will then expect to receive a submission or submissions on council size between late August and early September 2013, ahead of more meetings in October, followed by public consultation.

It will then decide how many councillors there should be, along with where and how big political wards should be, with draft recommendations published later on in 2014.

Any changes to the size of the council or the timing and frequency of elections can only be confirmed by an Order in Parliament. If changes are made, they are likely to be in place and effective in time for the May 2016 elections.