Doncaster best place for a Christmas kiss, survey suggests


Doncaster is the place to go for a Christmas kiss - as the UK’s festive mistletoe capital.

A survey by the on-line retailer Amazon reveals nowhere has more people buying baubles and mistletoe.

Exeter was revealed as the UK’s Christmas capital after online shoppers there bought more festive products than in any other part of the UK.

This season, residents flocked to Amazon to buy CDs of Christmas music, advent calendars and selection boxes of chocolate, beating last year’s winner, Bristol, for total number of purchases.

But Doncaster came second with the highest number of people investing in baubles and mistletoe.

Dave Brittain, Home Store manager at, said: “These trends give us a fascinating insight into what Christmas means for different areas of the UK.

“If you’re looking for a dazzling display of decorations then a trip to Doncaster is in order, and if you’d like to hear a rousing rendition of Away In A Manger, we recommend you visit Liverpool.”

Bristol still ranked third, keeping the West Country firmly in position as the most Christmassy part of the country. Southampton was next in the list, followed by Nottingham, Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, Peterborough and Liverpool.

Some towns and cities even revealed very particular festive quirks as shoppers stood out for buying:

:: Southampton - most tinsel bought

:: Manchester - most Santa outfits bought

:: Liverpool - most Christmas music compilations bought

:: Glasgow - most Christmas stockings bought

:: Dunstable - most nativity figurines bought