Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Awards: Bringing recognition to those who have gone beyond the call of duty

Karen Lanaghan with  director of People and Organisational Development, Dawn Jarvis.
Karen Lanaghan with director of People and Organisational Development, Dawn Jarvis.

The Doncaster Free Press is looking to honour an unsung health hero who has put in extra effort and gone that extra mile to care for hospital patients across the area.

Your favourite read has teamed up with the area’s health chiefs to stage the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Staff Awards.

TAU and Day Surgery Discharge Lounge staff at DRI.

TAU and Day Surgery Discharge Lounge staff at DRI.

We are asking our loyal readers to nominate their choice for the overall ‘Star of the Year’ award, but there’s only until July 20 to do so.

To vote all you need to do is simply look through all the entries and make a note of the vote code below the photograph of the person you wish to vote for.

You can vote as many times as you like by text or once via email. You must include the code in your text and/or email.


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Alternatively send your vote via email to with STARS in the subject header, followed by the code name of the person or team you wish to vote for (example NHS 1).


Karen Lanaghan, End of Life Care Co-ordinator, DRi.

She is extremely sensitive to her patient’s needs. Nothing is too much trouble. Karen has organised a charity for the FireFly Organisation where over 50 people walked from Weston Park Hospital to DRI raising much needed funds. She is truly exceptional


Clair Isle, Nurse, Ward S11, DRI

Her positive attitude towards her patients and life has helped her nominee through what felt like quite a grim process, offering encouragement to carry on.


Allison O’Donnel

Clinical Procurement Specialist, Finance & Infrastructure, DRI

Alison’s knowledge enables someone’s life to be enhanced and improved. She carries out tasks eagerly and professionally often at short notice in the most pleasant manner.


Tracey Mackie

Admin Assistant, Reception, Cardio-Respiratory Dept, DRI

Tracey always goes the extra mile ensuring that patients’ needs are met. She treats everyone in a respectful, friendly manner and her smile and voice can definitely make anyone’s day. Her positivity is inspiring.


Team A & E Staff,

Bassetlaw Hospital

Letters have been received commending the team for the way in which they pulled together to make situations appear to be calm, relaxed and still be supportive. The compassion and care that they have given was a testimony to the team.


Rhian Morris, Midwife,

Maternity, DRI

A young mum wrote about Rhian explaining how she helped her during her first childbirth, taking time to calm and reassure her, even checking on her the following day, helping her with the babies needs.


Lindsey Burleigh

Autism Spectrum Assessment Pathway Co-Ordinator, Children’s Adminstation and Clerical Dept, DRI

An employee nominated Lindsey after being welcomed by her during her first days of employment.

She wrote that Lindsey was so well mannered, patient and understanding and her professionalism was second to none. Her training was thorough and she explained everything step by step so that she could understand the bigger picture. Lindsey’s work ethic has continued throughout her employment.


Team Joiners (Richard Winship and Colin

Brennan), Estates

Department, DRI

Both Richard and Colin were initially tasked with carrying out various repairs to the Ward as part of the Deep Clean process. Working to short timescales, however they also redecorated 4 bed bays an area outside of their core role.


Pauline Clarke

Service Assistant, Fracture Clinic, DRI

Pauline is an amazing lady, nothing is too much trouble , she goes above and beyond her duties for staff and patients. Pauline demonstrates such care and compassion and is a real team player, who brings the best out in those around her.

NHS 10

Amanda Whitehead,

Office Manager/

Secretary, Clinical

Therapy/Physiotherapy Dept, Montagu Hospital

Amanda has received several “your opinion counts” from patients, stating that she has gone over and above her duty. She has a constant smile on her face and nothing is too much trouble. Each patient is treated with dignity and respect. She epitomises our value of “put the patient at the centre of everything we do”.

NHS 11

Team Ward 25 Staff, DRI

The ward opened in January – during a bed crisis. Each and every member of staff have worked extremely hard and shown a lot of dedication to enable the ward to function. All the staff put patient care and safety at the forefront and are striving to ensure the ward functions it’s purpose.

NHS 12

Emma Sweeting, Sister, Ward 20, DRI

Emma recently went out of her way to organise a wedding on her ward with less than 24 hours’ notice. The wedding was for a young man with terminal cancer with only a few days to live. She organised a registrar and buffet and the wedding was a great success. Without her hard work, the patient would not have got one of his final wishes.

NHS 13

Team = Team Ward 17 Staff, DRI

Nurses and health care staff work exceptionally hard with little gratitude and thanks from anyone!

They start work before their shift and finish after, yet I can guarantee none put this down. These are the members of our NHS who deserve to be praised and labelled as stars.

NHS 14

Kayleigh Sutton, Staff Nurse, Ward 18

Kayleigh has gone above and beyond her role by developing a link role within the trust for Eve Merton Dreams Trust. She has managed to secure Ipads for the use of long stay chemotherapy patients on ward 18, which allows them precious contact with their loved ones and a degree of normality. In addition she has organised several patient dreams in partnership with the trust for those with life limiting disease.

NHS 15

Claire Emmerson,

Senior Midwife, Labour Ward, Bassetlaw


Due to Claire’s diligence, earlier in the year she prevented entry to the ward of 2 men concealing weapons. They claimed to be relatives of patients, but Claire was so receptive she engaged with them in further conversation until security found them. The understanding was they were after the controlled drugs on the ward. Claire’s actions potentially saved the lives/injury to the staff and patients on the ward.

NHS 16

Team TAU & Day Surgery Discharge Lounge Staff, DRI

The team are very welcoming. One patient said “my dad was feeling very nervous and apprehensive about being admitted” but the staff understood how he was feeling and put him at ease. His dad is no longer nervous about attending hospital as he has met some amazing staff.

NHS 17

Jo Anne Holmes,


Administrator, Surgical Care Group, DRI

Jo Anne deserves recognition for her input and care to a lady passenger on the Fred and Ann Green shuttle bus, which was involved in an accident. The compassion that Jo-Anne showed is an example to us all.

NHS 18

Team Ward 22 Staff, DRI

Ward 22 was re-opened in January 2015 with a new set of staff, who worked tirelessly to ensure they maintained their professionalism and worked the extra mile to ensure that patients got the highest quality standard of car that they deserved. Despite the tiredness of working extra hours, the nursing staff always had a smile on their faces.