Doncaster airport staff on alert for trafficking

Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster.
Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster.

Border Agency staff at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport have been ordered to be on high alert for the signs of child trafficking.

The newly formed Doncaster Children’s Services Trust has also begun working with the UK Border Agency at the airport – where a child sex exploitation team is based – to help staff recognise signs of child trafficking.

Plans for a joint effort between the children’s services trust and Border Agency have been confirmed.

A spokesman at the trust said they were ‘anticipating it being a really important, strong’ project and more details would be released in the coming weeks.

The town’s GPs and health professionals have also been trained to spot signs of child sexual exploitation.

Dr Dean Eggitt said GPs are poised to act when they spot the signs of child sex exploitation.

Dr Eggitt, who represents Doncaster’s doctors nationally, said: “GPs look after the 300,000 people in Doncaster, and we see most of the town’s children, at one point or another, so we’re very well placed to be able to act if we do spot the signs of child sexual exploitation.

“We have training every year in Doncaster, even though we’re only required to have it once every three years, to spot the signs of any child who might be exploited.

“The problem we face is what happens next when we pass on a case when we have recognised child sexual exploitation to the council or social services.

“But I’m relieved to see the Doncaster Children’s Services Trust jumping into action with things like this.

“We’re hoping that GPs will now be given the proper support they need when trying to help children being exploited.”

Wednesday will mark National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day.