Don’t make a boob when picking the right size bra

Cheryl Sadler and Lynsey Parry from Lakeside promoting the cups for cuppas campaign
Cheryl Sadler and Lynsey Parry from Lakeside promoting the cups for cuppas campaign

The quest to find the perfectly fitting bra is on a par with finding a form fitting pair of jeans - it’s something we strive for but rarely achieve.

From T-shirt bras to balconettes brassieres and padded to gel filled the choice is endless.

There’s plenty of under garments on the market that promise the world but in reality many fall flat.

If we believed the hype picking the perfect bra would transform us into av Jordan style page 3 pin up with pert, uplifted assets without the need for a boob job.

But in actual fact finding a bra that gives you lift, comfort and style is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But pick the wrong bra at your peril as I’ve found on numerous occasions whilst being impaled by a rogue under wire, put under strain from straps or the worst of them all ending up with the ever so unflattering ‘quadboob’- And that’s just the cosmetic issues.

As well as looking unflattering picking up the wrong size bra could in fact result in health problems such as back ache and shoulder pain.

But there’s no wonder so many of us have issues as more than three quarters of UK women are wearing the wrong bra size according to the latest stats.

So I decided it was time to lhelp my chest reach its full potential and let the experts get their hands on me.

So it was off to M&S for a bra fitting where Amy told me that the majority of women she sees are wearing the wrong size bra.

So it’s off with the top and out with the tape measure to give us a back size as a starting point.

No matter how many times you may have had a bra fitting there’s something slightly strange about standing there with another woman staring at your boobs but if it meant finding a good fit I was all for it.

Times have changed since my last fitting where I was just given the 34 C on your way treatment.

It turns out like the search for the perfect pair of jeans it’s all about trying them on.

So as Amy returned with different styles and a range of different cup sizes I was surprised to see that whilst my ample assets filled some C cups others looked like I needed to reach for the chicken fillets to help me on my way.

After half an hour I was armed with all the information I needed and warned never to buy a bra without trying it on first.

So it seems there’s no quick fix to finding the perfect fit but it helps to know what you’re looking for.