Dogs and cat find homes after article

Milo is with worker Robyn Hickling at the Mayflower Animal Sanctuary. Picture: Andrew Roe
Milo is with worker Robyn Hickling at the Mayflower Animal Sanctuary. Picture: Andrew Roe

The Mayflower animal sanctuary says it has been inundated with offers of new homes for its pets following a Free Press article.

Following the feature which appealed for homes, three dogs, a pup and a cat were re-homed, many who had been living at the kennels in Bawtry for well over a year. But the article also prompted first-time visits from people looking to adopt a pet and more than doubled the usual amount of visitors to the kennels.

Jennie Fox-Lord, who runs Mayflower in Narrow Lane, said: “The response was simply overwhelming. Lots of people who came to see us said they’d read the Free Press article and that’s what had spurred them to come. Many of them didn’t even know we were here. Days after the article came out, we were flooded with a number of visitors, more than double our usual, and it was all in response to the excellent press coverage.”

“I’d not only like to say a big thank you to the Free Press but also all the members of the public who came to visit us - it was superb! Some people had never even heard of the charity and even though they didn’t want to take a dog or cat, many have vowed to return in the future when they are looking for a pet. The response has been truly breathtaking!”

The lucky dogs which were re-homed following the article were: Arfur, a male border collie, Jenson, a gorgeous brown and black spotted Dalmatian, and Henry who’d been at Mayflower Sanctuary for over 18 months and had never been adopted before due to his ‘funny-looks’. A cute Labrador/German Shepherd pup, which was a recent addition to the Mayflower sanctuary family, was also offered a new home.

A cat called Pickles was re-housed and another cat is currently going through the adoption process.

Jennie added: “We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and it couldn’t have got off to a better start. Those who came along were looking at both the cats and dogs but more than that, this has raised the whole profile of the Mayflower Sanctuary and put us firmly on the map!”

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