Doggy Tails: I wish I’d looked after teeth

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I decided being a dog trainer was a bit like being a dentist (without the pain). The dentist advises how to care for your teeth from the start. They teach you to clean, floss and what to avoid to keep your teeth in good order.

Then its down to you to follow that advice. When you haven’t followed the advice and you have problems then the dentist has to go in and sort out the problems. As a dog trainer I actually train the owner.

I advise on how to care for your puppy from the start and what to avoid to keep your puppy well behaved and trained.

Then its down to you to follow that advice. When you haven’t followed that advice, and you have problems, then you come to me to sort out them out.

Not only does it become more time consuming but potentially more expensive when problems arise for teeth and dogs.

Attending a course of sessions to get your dog trained to a reasonable level is not expensive. A dog or puppy training class can cost around £10 an hour. A lot less than some dentists might charge.

But if you have training issues with your dog then costs can be anything from £50 to £100 plus per session, depending on the problem and often needs more than one visit. The time and cost often deters lots of owners from then following up with the training. Many dogs ending up being re-homed or euthanized as a result.

So when you are thinking of getting a dog factor in the cost of training from the start along with all the other expenses.

You and your dog can then live together in greater harmony and enjoyment.

This is my final article in the Bells.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and found them informative.

Please do get in touch if you would like any advice or information on training your dog or puppy.

Now I’m off to clean my teeth!