Dinosaur bones discovery at Meadowhall

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A prehistoric discovery was made at Meadowhall shopping centre as a construction team inadvertently uncovered the bones of what they believe was once a dinosaur.

Meadowhall’s Centre Director, Darren Pearce was astounded to learn of the find and exclaimed: “The Meadowhall construction team and young passers-by couldn’t believe their eyes when they revealed what is thought to be a gigantic dinosaur bone discovered just metres away from the shopping centre.

“Rumours are now rife that millions of years ago larger than life dinosaurs that so many of us are so familiar with through story books and television programmes were roaming the earth where Meadowhall now stands! It’s quite incredible to think that that might have been the case.

“The discovered bones have been whisked off for further investigation but meanwhile, and to mark this extraordinary breakthrough, we will be inviting youngsters to take part in some excavation workshops, to learn more about the origins, evolution and incredible history of these fascinating creatures.”

Doncaster palaeontologist Dean Lomax, who has written the book Dinosaurs of the British Isles, which claims that Britain was once a ‘Dinosaur Paradise’, said that it is entirely possible that the recovered remains could date back to the Jurassic era.

He said: “More than 100 species of dinosaur once roamed the lands which we now call Britain; among these mammoth beasts were cousins of America’s top predator the Tyrannosaurus rex.

“The UK’s rich reptilian past has been largely forgotten in popular culture but it’s certainly possible that the discovery at Meadowhall could belong to one of these creatures.

“I will certainly be visiting the Meadowhall Shopping Centre over the next few weeks to find out more about the exciting dino discovery”

To celebrate South Yorkshire’s first alleged dinosaur find Meadowhall has agreed to host an excavation workshop for young and enthusiastic palaeontologists, to be located from Saturday 19th July outside the Centre’s Oasis Dining Quarter - exactly where the bones were discovered.