Death defying: Youngsters jump off Doncaster aqueduct

Youths jumping off Don Doors aqueduct. Photo by Andrew Melbourne.
Youths jumping off Don Doors aqueduct. Photo by Andrew Melbourne.

This shocking photo shows the moment young people risked their lives by jumping off an aqueduct at a Doncaster beauty spot.

The Don Doors aqueduct carries the New Junction Canal over the River Don at Kirk Bramwith.

The photos were taken by a concerned resident who fears it is only a matter of time before someone is killed.

Andrew Melbourne said: “I have a canalboat at Bramwith Lock and have been reporting kids swimming in the canal for months to the Canal and River Trust.

“As I speak there are about 24 boys and girls up on the aqueduct and four more walking past my boat on their way to it. Something has to be done. Is the cost of a life worth less than protection around the aqueduct?”

Mr Melbourne also claims he has seen young people vandalising various objects by the side of the canal and also taking drugs.

A trust spokesman said: “We completely agree with Mr Melbourne’s concerns for the young people.

“What they’re doing is dangerous and our advice is to never dive into a canal or river, as the water is often shallow and you simply never know what objects might be submerged below the water.

“There are ‘no swimming’ signs at the site, and there is fencing on the aqueduct.

“But because it’s a public footpath, the answer has to be education and appealing to people to use common sense, as we aren’t able – and wouldn’t want to – close it off.

“The Don Doors are fenced off and locked to stop anyone climbing to the top of them, however these have been repeatedly vandalised.

“We’ve been back to repair them, but they’ve been vandalised again, and we’re now looking into alternative solutions.

“We take anti-social behaviour very seriously, but we have no jurisdiction to take any action.

“However, we would ask that people report instances to the police and council.”

South Yorkshire Police said: “Apart from one report of criminal damage in June, we have no further reports from this site.

“If there have been any other incidents, then they have not been reported to police.

“If we are given reports of people entering the water at a specific location, officers will attend and issue safety advice to those involved.”

Coun Chris McGuinness, Doncaster Council cabinet member for community safety, said: “We will be in contact with the responsible land owner and advise them of the issues and potential dangers regarding syringes.”