Dearne MP calls on David Cameron to make trade deal happen

John Healey, MP
John Healey, MP

Dearne MP John Healey has called on the Prime Minister to appoint a senior minister to take responsibility for a key EU-US trade deal.

After the departure of Ken Clarke in the latest cabinet reshuffle, no senior minister was responsible for the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP).

With the position unfilled responsibility has now reverted to Lord Livingston, a junior minister at the department for business, innovation and skills, who was appointed only last year.

Mr Healey has been leading scrutiny of the negotiations and is chair of the all party group on TTIP, which could be the biggest bi-lateral agreement the world has ever seen.

In a letter to David Cameron, he said the Prime Minister had described the deal as a “once-in-a-generation prize, and we are determined to seize it” at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland last year.

Mr Healey also claimed Mr Cameron had said it would generate two million jobs overall.