Dearne MP blasts minister over police cuts and demands a rethink

DEARNE MP John Healey has accused the Policing Minister Nick Herbert of “stripping” South Yorkshire of police officers and asked him to rethink the cuts.

The Labour politician pointed out that 119 South Yorkshire Police officers have been cut since the general election, and around 8000 have gone nationally.

Mr Healey told the House OF Commons: “The Minister talks about choices, but will he talk about consequences?

“South Yorkshire has been forced to cut more than 100 police officers since the election and will have to cut another 300.

“Will he re-think these Government funding cuts for the police instead of stripping us in South Yorkshire of the police we need?”

Nick Herbert replied: “Each police force in England and Wales will face an equal percentage reduction in core Government funding in 2012-13.

“I believe that that is the most transparent, straightforward and equitable means of apportioning the funding reductions.

“It is important to note that the allocations were set out last year and have remained the same.”

The government are cutting the police budget by 20 per cent, with the largest cuts in the first two years and total cuts of £2bn a year by 2014.

Labour say This is at a time of the biggest increase in all personal crime – 11 per cent - in a decade, including crimes such as theft, robbery, and violence against the person.