Crocus planting in Doncaster schools gives splash of hope

Autumn crocus.
Autumn crocus.

FOR the last 25 years The Rotary Club has been working hard to rid the world of polio - a terrible disease that can kill or severely disable children.

Two billion children have been protected and Rotary has raised $1 billion dollars in that time.

From 125 countries in 1988 there are just three countries left in the world where polio is endemic – Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

Just £1 can immunise five children.

In recent years several Doncaster schools have raised funds in a variety of ways and been part of the ‘Purple Pinkie Power’ project - planting thousands of purple crocuses - inspired by the tiny dab of colour on a child’s finger that indicates the child has been inoculated against the deadly virus.

A spokesman said: “The humble little crocus symbolises a colourful splash of hope for a new beginning and renewed efforts – a reminder of how potent an impact many working together can create.”

Schools participating in the project this year are: Bessacarr Primary, Heatherwood, and Montagu Primary.

For more information on the END POLIO CAMPAIGN contact John Chapman on 01302 370628 or follow the link