Wire thefts rife in area

POLICE are stepping up patrols to combat a spate of cable thefts in the area.

Scores of residents in Thorne and Moorends have reported television cables have been stolen from outside of their homes. It is understood thieves are then selling the wire to scrapyards.

Officers will be checking scrapyards in the borough and Humberside for wires.

Sgt Stuart Rowse, of the Thorne and Moorends Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Police have been made aware of a recent number of wire thefts in the Thorne and Moorends area and are currently investigating.

“We have increased patrols in the areas affected and are also conducting regular checks at scrap yards in the Doncaster and Humberside area for any wire which may have been taken in.”

Anyone with information should call the team on 01302 385153.