Widow distraught over theft of husband’s ring

A PENSIONER has been left distraught after thieves stole her dead husband’s wedding ring in a raid on her Doncaster home.

The 77-year-old returned home from a trip out to find a smashed window at her home on Moat Hills Court, Bentley, where the burglars had got inside between 9am and 12noon on Tuesday.

Thieves had gone through the contents of the bedroom and stolen items including cash from the woman’s grandchildren’s money boxes, her engagement ring, and her late husband’s wedding ring.

The wedding ring is a thick gold band, possibly with engraving on the inside, with a name and the date the couple were married - 23.03.1955.

The engagement ring is also a gold band, with a cluster of white stones, one of which is missing.

Acting Inspector Amanda Hunter said: “The woman is distraught following the burglary and the theft of her late husband’s wedding ring and her engagement ring, which both hold extreme sentimental value to her.

“I would please urge all second hand jewellery dealers and buyers of gold in Doncaster, as well as the general public, to be aware and on the lookout for someone trying to sell these rings.

“If anyone has any information that could assist in finding those responsible, and in safely returning the lady’s property, please contact us.”

Anyone with information call South Yorkshire Police on 0114 220 2020, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, quoting incident number A/87903/2011.