VIDEO: Pony sex accused from Doncaster had bestiality images on his phone, jury told

A man accused of having sex with a Shetland pony had images and films of bestiality on his two mobile phones, a court heard.

Alan Barnfield, aged 44, denies having intercourse with the animal called Sky at a farm in Doncaster in the middle of the night.

Alan Barnfield arriving at court. Tom Maddick, Ross Parry agency.

Alan Barnfield arriving at court. Tom Maddick, Ross Parry agency.

Today the jury heard police seized two mobile phones from Barnfield when he was arrested in 2012 and found the pornographic images and films on them.

He is expected to claim the material was already on the handsets when he bought them.

Barnfield has been described as a ‘sexual deviant’ who had an interest in animals - in particular horses.

The jury sitting at Sheffield Crown Court was given graphic descriptions of the films and photos found on Barnfield’s phone.

The images included adult females having intercourse with and performing sex acts on horses and dogs.

Barnfield, of Hexthorpe Lane, Hexthorpe, Doncaster, has admitted possessing ‘extreme pornographic material’.

Earlier the jury heard from mobile phone shop worker Martin Critchley.

Mr Critchley who works for CeX said all second hand mobile phones were wiped of images, contacts, videos and other settings and factory settings were restored before the handsets were sold on.

He said it was very rare for anything to be left on phones, but not impossible.

The court heard two phones a Sony Ericsson and a Nokia were seized from Barnfield upon his arrest.

Mr Critchley said the store had records showing the Sony was sold to Barnfield.

The Nokia was a cash sale so there was no record of who it was sold to, he added.

The prosecution say Barnfield, was ‘sweating profusely and smelled strongly of horses’ when he was spoken to by police officers at Oak Tree Stables on Rakes Lane, Loversall, Doncaster, on the night of the alleged offence on August 8 2012.

Residents who thought Barfield was going to steal two ponies, rang the police after they saw him acting suspiciously near the paddock at around half past midnight.

The prosecution say Barnfield was spotted putting something around the neck of a Shetland pony and leading it, along with another horse, to a dark wooded area where the sex attack took place.

This morning the jury heard from two forensic scientists who analysed swabs taken from Barnfield, Sky and two bottles found at the paddock the next day.

The prosecution say Barnfield sexually assaulted the horse with the two bottles, before having intercourse with the animal.

Forensic scientist Samantha Warner said that could not be proven scientifically although it could not be ruled out.

She added the bottles revealed a partial DNA profile which matched that of Barnfield and the chance of the DNA belonging to someone else was one in a billion.

Forensic scientist Victoria Moore said swabs taken from the defendant indicated there was horse DNA present.

But she agreed with defence barrister Alison Dorrell that the defendant could have transferred the DNA to himself after stroking the animal.

The trial continues.