VIDEO: Anger over Mexborough arch ‘vandals’

A heritage group is calling for police to investigate alleged vandalism to a listed monument in Mexborough.

Owners Mexborough Charitable Trust (MCT) want action taken over claims two men hacked off sections of the Grade II listed Glassby Arch on Church Street.

The damaged Glassby Arch in Mexborough.

The damaged Glassby Arch in Mexborough.

But police officers who attended the scene said no criminal act had taken place and the structure had been in a state of disrepair for a number of years.

Historian Giles Brearley has asked police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright to push officers to re-open the case. He said: “There are vast amounts of the arch which were hacked off. It is vandalsim.”

The arch was built in 1859 by sculptor Robert Glassby. It had been in the back yard of suspected drug dealer Maurice Turrall but the National Crime Agency seized his assets last year and transferred ownership to MCT.

The arch has since been dismantled by MCT and is due to be re-sited elsewhere in the town.

A police spokeswoman said two men were seen “acting suspiciously” at the arch on February 7. She said the men told officers a third party had asked them to dismantle the stonework. She added: “They were taking away parts that had already fallen off. Officers told them to bring these back to the site. Officers concluded no crime had taken place.”

A spokeswoman for Shaun Wright said he had received the complaint and would look into the matter.