UPDATE: Sex offender who absconded from mental health hospital found in Doncaster.

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A sex offender who absconded from a mental health hospital in Bradford has been found in Doncaster

Elwin Cuffy, 49, was reported missing from Cygnet Hospital in Brierley Lane on Saturday afternoon.

A family member said he had been handed into the police for his own well being.

Police said Mr Cuffy was seen in Doncaster town centre at around 5pm yesterday.

Mr Cuffy was last seen at 3.55pm yesterday, Saturday, 28 November, at Cygnet Hospital in Bierley Lane.

He ran off while with two carers and then took a taxi to Copley Road in Doncaster.

He had been detained without time limit under the Mental Health Act after a court heard is considered a risk to women.

Mr Cuffy is originally from Doncaster and is thought to have friends and family in the area.

He was convicted of a sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl in the Cross Gates area of Leeds in 2011.

His victim was walking home in the afternoon when Cuffy approached asking for directions.

He then began walking alongside her and when she reached her driveway asked if he could get a goodbye from her. When she said no he grabbed hold of her and tried to kiss her.

She turned her head away and screamed and Cuffy let her go and ran off. The incident was partly witnessed by a neighbour.

Cuffy had previously been the subject of a hospital order in 1998 after convictions at Nottingham Crown Court for robbery and possession of an imitation firearm.

South Yorkshire Police thanks everyone who had shared their appeal.