Thieves steal anti-bacterial gel from hospitals hit by Norovirus

Doncaster Royal Infirmary.
Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

THIEVES have stolen anti-bacterial gel from hospitals fighting to control an outbreak of the winter vomiting virus.

Staff, patients and visitors are being asked to remain vigilant following a number of reports that alcohol gel has been stolen from sites belonging to Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Several wards at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and Mexborough Montagu hospitals have been forced to close following an outbreak of winter vomiting, also known as Norovirus.

Health bosses have today said that there three wards at DRI and Montagu Hospital remained closed.

Initial analysis has revealed the bug was brought onto wards mainly by patients who had symptoms when they were admitted, the hospital trust said.

Following the thefts security staff are reviewing CCTV footage.

Visitors are asked to wash their hands before and after visiting hospital and use anti-bacterial gels if they are on wards.

Anyone with sickness or diarrhoea should not visit hospital and wait 48 hours after symptoms have passed before visiting.