South Yorkshire ‘monster’ jailed for sex attacks on six young boys

David Jamfrey, of Scawthorpe, Doncaster, appeared before Sheffield Crown Court  charged with multiple child sexual offences including sexual assault and sexual activity with a child.
David Jamfrey, of Scawthorpe, Doncaster, appeared before Sheffield Crown Court charged with multiple child sexual offences including sexual assault and sexual activity with a child.

A ‘monster’ who subjected six Doncaster boys to a vile catalogue of sexual abuse has been caged for over 10 years.

David Jamfrey tempted the boys – one of whom was just five – into his flat by giving them cigarettes and letting them watch TV and play on his computer.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the 60-year-old insisted the boys had baths while they were visiting so he could ‘wash their backs’.

After gaining their trust, Jamfrey, of Middlegate, Scawthorpe, performed sex acts on them.

He has left one of his victims so scarred that he was admitted to a mental health hospital, while another suffers nightmares so bad he has to sleep in the same bed as his mum.

Gordon Stables, prosecuting, said Jamfrey came into contact with two of the boys, who then brought others along too.

He said: “The boys started to spend time with the defendant. They would play on his computer and the defendant would give them cigarettes.

“The boys were regular attendees and would often stay the night at weekends.”

Police became involved when a concerned mother found her son at Jamfrey’s flat along with two other boys.

One of Jamfrey’s victims was interviewed but was under such powerful control that he didn’t tell police what Jamfrey had done for six months.

Mr Stables said: “The victim went so far as to say that people had been saying ‘Dave’, the defendant, was a pervert but the victim said he didn’t think he was and he was innocent.

“He said he trusts the defendant as he buys him birthday presents and treats better than his grandfather’s.

“The only matter he did disclose was that when they were in the bath, the defendant came in and washed their backs.”

Police discovered Facebook messages between Jamfrey and one of his victims, aged 11, where Jamfrey offered to drop off cigarettes to him in exchange for the boy allowing him to perform a sex act upon him.

Mr Stables said: “These messages are the plainest evidence of the effect of the grooming and the control asserted by the defendant over these boys generally; they way in which he got into their minds and the way he was using, for example, cigarettes and other things as incentives for him to be able to offend and to obtain their compliance.”

After lying through his police interviews and saying the Facebook messages were ‘just a bit of a joke’, Jamfrey eventually admitted 17 sexual offences against six boys aged five to 15. The charges comprised sexual activity with children, sexual assault and sexual activity in the presence of a child.

The mother of three of the victims said in a statement read out in court: “I would like to say on behalf of my children that their lives have been turned upside down.

“The feelings of guilt, anger and frustration are difficult to cope with. Our normal life became non-existent overnight.

“I see my family’s future as a struggle. We are trying to pick up the pieces and make a normal, happy life but it will be an extremely long road.

“This abuse is something we will never forget and we will have to live with this for the rest of our lives.”

David Brooke, for Jamfrey, said: “The reality is he liked these boys and they liked him. A great part of that was his use of cigarettes and the like.

“I’m not asking for you to excuse his behaviour, but he is sorry.”

Jamfrey was jailed for ten years and nine months and will be on the sex offenders register for life.


When I was 13 years old a man did stuff and that has affected my life.

To start with, I have to sleep in my mum’s bed because of the nightmares. It makes me feel worthless, dirty and very self-conscious.

I can’t make friends easily as I can’t trust anyone because of what this man did to me. This man sexually abused me and made me feel like I had made it happen.

He told me I was his special friend and would buy me gifts every time but it doesn’t take away how worthless and dirty it made me feel.

I hate living with this, getting angry and smashing things up, shouting abuse, hurting myself and others, scrubbing myself until I’m red raw all the time, hiding away when I should be out with my friends enjoying myself like a 14-year-old should.

But because of this monster I will never be a typical 14-year-old.

He stole my innocence and childhood and I hope he rots in hell for what he did.