Sneak thieves alert for holiday weekend

A THIRD of house burglaries in Doncaster are the work of sneak thieves.

The continuing good weather has prompted police to issue a fresh crime prevention warning.

With many people spending time in the garden or popping round to see friends over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend, detectives fear there will be more crime reports to handle by the end of August.

South Yorkshire Police are reminding residents across the county not to leave their doors and windows unlocked and risk becoming a victim of a sneak-in burglary.

If windows and doors are left unlocked, criminals on the lookout for an easy opportunity can slip in and out of people’s homes, taking valuables and personal possessions, say officers.

Det Insp Steve Whittaker of South Yorkshire Police said: “It only takes a few seconds for thieves to get away with valuable items, and sometimes they may even take your car if keys are left on show.

“I want to remind people to always ensure that windows and doors are locked as a third of all home burglaries in Doncaster are down to ‘sneak in’ burglaries.

“We need the public to help us prevent these types of burglaries by always keeping keys and valuables out of sight, and even if you are only in the garden ensuring that windows and doors are not left open.

“We will do everything we can to catch and prosecute criminals who are caught committing this type of offence.”

To keep homes and valuables safe, always keep doors and windows locked, even if you are only in the garden or outside the house nearby, he advised.

Always put keys out of sight and out of reach from windows and doors. Don’t leave keys in doors where they could be grabbed through the letter box, a tactic that is often used by thieves, often for car keys.

Remove valuables from sight. Don’t leave valuables on show near windows and doors. Keep vehicles and garages locked at all times.

If you see anything suspicious, such as people going up and down drives report it to the police immediately.