Sex taunts made killer husband “see red”, jury told.

Joy Billam.
Joy Billam.

THE man accused of murdering his estranged wife - Goldthorpe gran Joy Billam, admitted he lied to police and made false entries in a diary about the day his wife died.

Former Manvers miner Raymond Billam, 63, of Guildford Road, Wheatley, Doncaster, also claimed his wife visited him for occasional chats and sex in the weeks leading up to her death, while she was living with her new love, Michael Woodlands, at Goldthorpe.

Sheffield Crown Court heard that on the day 46-year old Joy died, September 30 last year, she had visited Billam to discuss their divorce. Billam would not agree and still hoped for a reconciliation. They argued as Billam told her he would “stretch out” proceedings as long as he could.

It was when his wife taunted him about Micky being better in bed than he was that Billam “saw red” and lost control, he told the jury.

He said: “I called her a slag and she came at me like a crazy woman, scratching, kicking and nipping. I told her to shut her filthy mouth!”

He claimed when he pushed her away that she “went flying” and fell between a chair and coffee table.

He continued: “I stood up and fell over her legs on top of her.” He knocked a transformer off the coffee table and had the flex in his hands. He put it across Joy’s throat. “I told her to shut her mouth once and for all. It was the way she was laughing and saying Micky this and Micky that,” he said. “Thinking about his name made me sick.

“I lost control. I had no idea what I’d done.”

He could not remember if the flex was around Joy’s neck, he said, because “It all happened so fast.”

He carried his wife’s body to the boot of her car, that was parked behind his house, and drove it to Goldthorpe, leaving it about one third of a mile from Michael Woodland’s home. He said: “I wanted to put some space between me and Joy. I didn’t know whether I was going north, south, east or west. I had no idea why I stopped where I did.”

Later, he told Paul Watson QC, defending, that he was “utterly disgusted and ashamed” of what he had done.

Asked by prosecutor Rodney Jameson when such “admirable feelings” first arose, Billam answered: “When I was sat in prison. I had time to reflect on life with Joy. I thought, yes I’ve got to hold my hands up and say yeah, I did kill her.”

He had acted in self defence, he said. “If she was not kicking and scratching it would not have got to that stage. All of a sudden she was like a woman possessed.”

Mr Jameson questioned why Billam had not considered an ambulance for the woman he called the “love of his life”. “Might she still have been alive while she was lying on the floor?” he asked Billam. “I don’t know,” was the reply.

The court heard previously how Joy had become engaged to Michael Woodlands on Ingoldmells beach on September 29.

Billam has admitted killing his estranged wife, but denies murder.

The trial continues.