ROSSINGTON MURDER TRIAL: Wife stabbed husband in TV row, jury told

Tracey White arrives at Sheffield Crown Court, accused of murdering her husband Alan White, 49.
Tracey White arrives at Sheffield Crown Court, accused of murdering her husband Alan White, 49.

A WIFE knifed her husband of 24 years to death in a row which started when she switched the TV off, a jury heard.

Tracey White plunged a kitchen knife into the stomach of her husband after the pair started arguing in their Doncaster home seven days before Christmas.

The school dinnerlady, 42, denies the murder of her husband and father to her two children Amy and Michael.

On December 18 the pair had argued because Mr White was unhappy at a meal his wife had cooked him. But later they went for a night out at Rossington Labour Club, the court heard.

During the night they were “laughing and joking” and friends said they were in “good spirits” on the walk home at about 10pm, said prosecutor Bryan Cox QC.

After returning to their home in Bond Street, Rossington, Mr White, who wore an artificial leg following an industrial accident in 2004, went to bed.

The jury was told Mr White, 49, went “mad” when his wife came up and turned off the TV because she thought he was asleep.

Mr White clipped his leg on and “attacked her upstairs and pulled her hair”, said Mr Cox

He added: “The defendant managed to escape and went downstairs into the kitchen. He followed her and attacked her again by pinning her against the breakfast bar.

“She reached behind her and removed a kitchen knife. The defendant said that once she realised she had stabbed him, she called the ambulance.”

When police arrived Mr White, who had worked at Rossington Colliery, was still conscious and able to speak but his breathing became laboured, jurors heard.

White was screaming at her husband who was holding his hands to his stomach and who managed to tell officers he had been stabbed once, said Mr Cox at Sheffield Crown Court.

Mr White, who suffered a wound of between 14cm and 17cm died just before midnight at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

When White was arrested, she told officers: “I didn’t mean to do it, I didn’t mean to stab him,” the court heard.

She also told police her husband had punched her in the face upstairs and once downstairs “he came at me” and “I couldn’t get him off”.

She said she fumbled into the middle drawer with him pushing her back against the bar.

Mr Cox said the couple’s relationship was “a happy one, but both could behave violently towards the other.”

Police had previously been called to their house in 2005 and 2006 following disturbances.

Mr Cox said: “The prosecution believes it wasn’t one of a typically classic wife being repeatedly beaten by a husband, it was very much six of one, half a dozen of the other.”

“We do not accept that the defendant didn’t know what she was doing when she stabbed her husband with a knife and it was no coincidence it was a knife in her hand.

“She may have regretted her actions soon afterwards but what happened upstairs could not justify a fatal injury such as this.”

The trial continues.