Robbery ordeal for shop staff

Police tape
Police tape

Staff at a Goldthorpe shop were left terrified after masked men threatened them with a knife before making off with cash.

Their ordeal at the Food and Wine Shop in Doncaster Road so affected a female member of staff that she has since quit her job.

A colleague who was with her at the time of the incident, which happened about 9.15pm on Thursday evening, said: “I was mopping the floor at the back of the shop when I became aware of noise that I thought was banter between customers.”

He added: “It seemed to become an argument and I walked towards the counter but a man with his face and head covered came in front of me with a knife about eight inches long and told me to stay put, so I froze.”

His petrified colleague was also threatened with the blade and the robber ordered her to empty the till.

The assistant, who asked not to be named, added: “She was left shaking as the robbers fled with about £200 cash.

“It all happened quickly, I was told a customer was threatened too and told to leave, which he did.

“It was a nasty experience.

“My colleague had only worked here a couple of weeks.

“She was traumatised and may never work in a shop again.”

Witnesses have described one of the raiders as being about six feet tall.

His accomplice, who was the one with the knife and was most aggressive, was said to be shorter. Both were of a medium build.

This was the second time the shop has been targeted by raiders.

Staff were similarly threatened a couple of years ago by a man armed with a screwdriver.

A panic alarm was installed after that incident.

Police are investigating and would like anyone with information to come forward and contact them on the non-emergency number 101.