‘Respect’ programme a success in North Lincolnshire

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Humberside Police logo.
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RESPECT is reaping rewards across the Isle and North Lincolnshire, by stopping young people re-offending.

The programme that was introduced in 2010 provides alternatives to formal reprimands so that young people don’t gain a criminal record.

It also aims to prevent young people aged under 18 from re-offending in such crimes as shop theft, criminal damage, assault and public order. Figures show reoffending rates to have fallen from 27 per cent in 2009 to just four per cent in 2012.

Sergeant James Main from Humberside Police said: “In 2012 we processed the highest number of young people through the scheme which was 104 and the re offend was the lowest it has been coming in at 4.8 per cent. In total we have seen 255 young people processed since January 2010.

“The process has been such a success that in November last year it won national recognition by winning the Youth Justice award at the ‘Shine A Light’ Award ceremony.

“Respect, was also recognised at the Chief Constables Performance Awards in October 2012. The Respect process is very much a partnership initiative and myself and representatives from North Lincs Council Youth Offending Team, North Lincolnshire Magistrate’s Court, Primary Health Care Trust, and DELTA, will continue to work to ensure that the Respect process is a success and that the levels of re offending amongst young people continues to reduce.”