Police tackle shoplifters across Rotherham

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A spate of shoplifting across Rotherham has seen 161 incidents reported to police for the month of April.

Officers have successfully dealt with 78 of the total offences and charged 42 people with 49 of the crimes.

Police also issued two cautions, 13 fixed penalty notices of £80, and seven restorative justice referrals.

The thefts equate to a total amount of £16,500 worth of goods stolen from retailers in Rotherham.

The top three products stolen are food, alcohol and cosmetics, followed closely by clothing and electrical items.

There were 56 incidents of stolen food, 35 thefts of alcohol and 19 thefts of cosmetics.

Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth said: ”The monthly results show that we will not tolerate shoplifting in Rotherham. There have been a large number of offences across the borough throughout April and the good work of officers has enabled us to process many of these individuals and deal with them appropriately.

“We would like to send out a clear warning that if you were involved in one of the 83 shoplifting offences not processed to date or are thinking of going shoplifting throughout May, there is a very good chance that your name could appear in our future results for all to see.

“Shoplifting is not a victimless crime and many people use shoplifting to fund their lifestyles. We would encourage people to think twice before buying items that they believe to be stolen. By receiving stolen goods you could be in as much trouble as those involved in shoplifting and the buying of these stolen items is encouraging shoplifters to continue with their life of crime.”