Police’s social media warning

Humberside Police logo.
Humberside Police logo.

Humberside Police is urging Isle residents to take care with what they post on social media sites and the pages they set up online.

The warning comes after a national increase in the number of cases where police have investigated messages, postings and images put on Twitter and Facebook.

Det Sgt Dean Minter said: “We respond to a number of complaints from people about postings via social networking sites.

“The power of social media means that what is written can often been seen by hundreds and at times thousands of people, which can end up on the front pages of national and local media, which at times is not intended.

“We still need to make people aware and ask that they act responsibly.

“It also not just the overtly offensive posts that have the potential for serious consequence, but it can be just as much about those which relate to rumour and hearsay.

“We need people to call police if they have information on a potential incident and not post it on Facebook and/or Twitter.”

Det Sgt Minter added that some posts have the potential to hinder ongoing criminal investigations.

The Humberside force is urging people not to set up Facebook groups which have the sole or potential aim of causing offence to others. Using social media to verbally abuse others could lead to a criminal investigation.