Police pledge action against Crowle anti social behaviour

IN CROWLE, police have pledged action against nuisance driving, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.

Officers had to visit Crowle every three days during July to deal with anti-social behaviour and criminal damage around the St Oswald’s Church, Church Street, and Manor Park.

As a result they found criminal damage to a grille over a window at the church, and to a CCTV camera at the back of the building.

They’ve also issued warnings to people driving recklessly in the town, and threatened that if they’re caught again, they will have their cars seized.

Neighbourhood officers have spent extra time in the area talking to youths and explaining residents’ concerns.

A police spokesman said: “The youths generally accept what is said, and say they don’t realise they were causing any problems. They complain there is nowhere suitable in Crowle for them to gather and socialize, and have been advised to get together and approach the relevant agencies and voice their views and put forward any sensible requests.

“They have also been made aware of the groups which have been formed to promote more facilities in the area, such as the Crowle and District Sport, Play and Active Recreation Group, but this advice has fallen on deaf ears as not one person attended a target football training session on the field at Crowle Primary School, and only a few attended at a meeting at the youth club about provision of local facilities.”

Meanwhile enquiries continue about the damage to the church. “Several teenagers have been interviewed regarding their part in causing the damage, and Police action will be taken against them when all of the enquiries are completed.

“The Neighbourhood team are looking for the support of parents to address these community concerns with their children. Parents must take responsibility for knowing where their chldren are going with their friends, and how they are behaving.”

Over in Potts Lane, a temporary CCTV camera has been installed by the North Lincolnshire Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and is recording incidents in the car park at Potts Lane.

The camera reduced calls to the Police, with only one call received throughout July.

However, there have been several other calls from Crowle residents relating to the way people were driving elsewhere in the town, and police suspect these vehicles and occupants have been displaced from the car park.

“The drivers are being spoken to and action is being taken when offences can be proved. Three more young drivers have been given Section 59 warnings, which mean that if they are seen driving in a careless and anti-social manner during the next twelve months their vehicle will be seized by the Police and they will be prosecuted.

“The Neighbourhood Policing Team frequently patrols the area, and although they often attend within minutes of incidents being reported, the alleged offenders have moved on and the car park is all quiet. The Police Roads Policing Department will also patrol the area and to deal with any traffic offences,” added the spokesman.