Police officer’s wife is jailed for fraud

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice

The wife of a senior police officer has been jailed for embezzling from her employers when she racked up debts of £40,000.

Kerry Mouzer took more than £10,000 belonging to a client of the Doncaster accountancy firm where she worked as a secretary, which she admitted ‘frittering away’.

The judge at Doncaster Crown Court, Peter Kelson QC, described it as a difficult case because of the impact on the defendant’s family but said guidelines dictated she should be jailed.

Her lawyer, Richard Jepson, had argued for his client to undertake unpaid community work but she was jailed for eight months for fraud, which she had admitted.

The court was told Bernard Lister & Co in Wood Street, wanted to continue employing Mouzer and her victim had forgiven her.

“I fully accept that you will never trouble the courts again. You are a thoroughly decent woman in every other respect and I know a sentence of imprisonment will impact savagely on your family,” the judge said.

Mouzer, 42, of Bawtry, had worked for Listers for 17 years and was entrusted with managing clients’ tax affairs, said Philip Evans, prosecuting.

James Riley, the proprietor of Belle Vue Trucking, who had difficult with numbers, signed blank cheques for his accountants to pay his tax.

But three cheques were made out to Mouzer’s account, two for £5,500 and £5,000, which were both paid, and a third for £5,000 which was queried by Mr Riley’s bank.

When Mr Riley confronted the defendant she tried to convince him the tax had been paid and then told her employer she had paid his tax with her credit card and the cheques were to reimburse herself.

But she admitted her crime to police and the £10,500 was repaid with a loan from her family.

Richard Jepson, mitigating said her husband, an inspector in Sheffield, was ignorant of the fraud and that the couple had to remortgage their house.