Police launch summer drink driving crackdown

Police doing road side breathalyser test.
Police doing road side breathalyser test.

POLICE have this morning started their annual summer drink driving campaign.

Officers will be out across the borough pulling over motorists they suspect of driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

South Yorkshire Police says it will target motorists at various times throughout the day at a number of different locations, not just at pub closing times.

Chf Insp for roads policing, Stuart Walne said: “We know that the public don’t want drink drivers on the roads. With a four day weekend to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, closely followed by the start of Euro 2012, the number of people drinking in pubs and at home is likely to increase and therefore the temptation to drink and drive is also likely to go up.

“In order to address this, South Yorkshire Police is increasing its drink and drug driving enforcement across the county and carrying out a wide reaching enforcement campaign.”

Throughout June, officers will be breathalysing motorists pulled over for a traffic offence, those involved in a collision or those suspected if being over the limit.

Drivers will also be invited to take a breath test.