Police issue warning to Doncaster motorists after spate of spare tyre thefts

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Editorial image

Officers are urging Doncaster motorists to be vigilant, following a spate of tyre thefts from vehicles and properties across the borough.

Sergeant Mark Payling said tackling the spate of spare tyre thefts, which he believed to be connected, was one of the top priorities for officers in the east of Doncaster.

He said: “It’s been happening in the Armthorpe area moving towards Stainforth, Adwick and Bentley.

“Most of the thefts have been happening at night, but at no particular time.

“It seems to be happening in cars and garages that are being left unlocked at night, so we want residents to bear this in mind, and to make sure they lock their cars and everything else.

“This along with serious acquisitive crime is one of our top priorities, and we have been doing a lot of crime prevention to try and stamp it out.

“Just make sure you’re not leaving your home unlocked.”

Sgt Payling said he also encouraged residents to report every instance of theft to police, by calling them on 101.