One in ten a drink driver after Christmas breath tests

THOUSANDS of motorists were tested as part of a police crackdown to combat drink driving.

Of the 4,690 drivers who were breathalysed, 239 tested positive, refused or failed to provide a breath test.

The ‘Shaken and Slurred’ campaign by South Yorkshire Police also revealed that of the total number of breath tests carried out, 828 of those followed a road collision.

From these, 10.6 per cent were recorded as being over the drink drive limit or were unable to provide a breath test.

The campaign was run throughout the whole of December and targeted hotspot areas in Doncaster and other parts of the region.

Chf Insp for Roads Policing Stuart Walne, said: “With over 10 per cent of collisions involving drink drivers the message couldn’t be clearer, alcohol and driving must not be mixed. Drink driving kills and has a devastating effect on families and loved ones.”

Anybody who knows someone that regularly drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol, should call the police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.