On the buses for Doncaster police in anti-social behaviour crackdown

Police tape
Police tape

POLICE officers have been getting on the buses in a bid to deal with issues of antisocial behaviour.

Members of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) in Doncaster, boarded the buses in both uniform and plain clothes, to engage with the young people and deal with any issues at school run time.

Throughout the operation, most of the young people were well behaved and only nine were dealt with for their behaviour.

Six were referred for antisocial behaviour contracts, which will mean their behaviour is closely monitored for the next six months, and three were warned about their behaviour and the consequences should they continue to act in an antisocial manner.

The patrols also coincided with National Anti Bullying Week, and a variety of informational leaflets and advice was given to pupils by officers during the journeys.

Chief inspector Neil Thomas said: “Clearly having police officers on the buses acted as a deterrent, but pleasingly the majority of pupils were well behaved.

“Hopefully the operation has sent a clear message to pupils that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated, and also a reassuring message to our residents that we will deal with any concerns raised and should there be any further issues, we will repeat the operation.”

Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies said: “Unacceptable behaviour on buses needs to be tackled and this is a good way of showing people from an early age that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. The safety of residents and visitors in Doncaster is a top priority and operations like this help to ensure that travelling on public transport is a safe experience for everyone.”