OAP whips prostitute in revenge for stealing

A DONCASTER pensioner horsewhipped a prostitute half his age during a sex session because he wanted to punish her for pilfering from him, a court heard.

Businessman Harry Smith, 66, hit the woman at least 15 times on the arms, neck, stomach and legs with a riding crop during the violent encounter at his isolated bungalow near Armthorpe.

A judge at Doncaster Crown Court was shown photographs of the long weals inflicted on the 32-year-old woman after he picked her up in the town’s red light district.

Prosecutor Brian Outhwaite said the woman had often provided sexual favours at Smith’s home in Holme Wood Lane, and he had always forgiven her when she stole money, jewellery and cigarettes from him. But the disappearance of £360 caused trouble in his family and she stopped going to visit him.

But on a cold snowy night last November when she wasn’t making any money he bumped into her in the red-light district and she asked if he wanted to take her back to his place.

After having sex they began to talk about the stolen money.

Mr Outhwaite said: “She suggested he could give her a good whipping and that would effectively call it quits over the money and they could remain friends.”

He said Smith got his horse crop out and began to whip her. He said she instigated because in the past they had participated in mild sado-masochism.

“Because Smith was feeling resentful he began to use the whip and lost his temper and went too far.

“The injuries she was occasioned are ones that no-one would have consented to.”

Police recorded 15 separate injuries from the use of the crop.

Smith pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm and the judge imposed an eight month suspended sentence with supervision.

He was also ordered to attend a victim awareness programme because of the “element of sexual degradation.”