Nuisance bikers targeted in crackdown

AN ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour busting team seized seven nuisance off-road motorbikes that were being ridden on footpaths and a viaduct in Cadeby.

Doncaster Council’s enforcement officers spotted a group of youths on scooters causing trouble by scaring walkers, annoying dog-walkers and intimidating residents as they sped along footpaths and pedestrianised viaducts.

Officers noted the scooter make and model before they sped off.

Two days later, the team seized the motorbikes after working with South Yorkshire Police to identify the owners.

The riders were also issued with noise notices.

Since this incident, the team has seized a further four motorbikes and quad bikes whilst working with the Environmental Health team to issue another 12 noise notices to nuisance riders across the borough.

Councillor Cynthia Ransome, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “We will not tolerate those who use vehicles illegally and I’m pleased that we seized seven scooters from this one incident.

“This is another fantastic result for our new team and they’re proving really effective in helping keeping our residents safe.

“Anyone who has problems with this kind of behaviour can call the team on 01302 736000 or the police on 0114 2202020.”

Chief Inspector Neil Thomas added: “People riding their bikes in a nuisance and illegal manner don’t always understand how dangerous it is, not only to them but pedestrians too.

“I am pleased the team have seized the bikes, making the area safer for residents.”