Murder verdict on ‘body in boot’ case - husband found guilty

Joy Billam.
Joy Billam.

THE killer husband of Goldthorpe woman Joy Billam has been found guilty of murder.

A jury at Sheffield Crown court found Ray Billam, 63, of Guildford Road, Doncaster, guilty of the brutal murder of his 46-year old estranged wife, in September last year,

Earlier the court heard how Billam strangled his wife with an electric cable when they rowed about the divorce she had instigated.

Billam admitted to manslaughter after claiming he suffered sex taunts from his wife, who had become engaged to her new love a day previously.

Joy had over 50 bruises on her body with all the signs of having put up a desperate, clawing struggle, as her life was extinguished, the court had heard.

Billam had left her body in her own car boot, close to the home of her fiancee, whom, it was alleged, he hoped to frame for the crime.

Sentencing by Judge Mr Justice Openshaw will take place later today.

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