More work needed admits South Yorkshire police chief

Cheif Supt. Rachel Barber
Cheif Supt. Rachel Barber

Steve Pick, Acting Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, said it was ‘clear’ more work is needed to increase detection rates, but he also stressed there are ‘other factors’ to take into account.

He said: “While it is clear work to increase the percentage of crimes which are detected in South Yorkshire needs to continue, it is important to point out there are other factors to be considered, such as the mix and type of crimes.

“It is also worth noting South Yorkshire Police detects more than the national police force average of some of the more serious crimes, including those relating to violence, as well as rape offences and drug offences.

“All work being carried out on improving crime detection rates will form part of a thorough briefing to the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner after today’s by-election.”

South Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent Rachel Barber added: “Figures from the last 12 months show South Yorkshire Police detect 24 per cent of all crimes compared to the national police force average of 26 per cent.

“But the force detects more crimes relating to violence, robbery, theft, rape, shoplifting and drug offences when compared to the national police force average.

“South Yorkshire Police continues to strive towards solving more crimes, while prioritising public safety and delivering local policing to prevent crimes taking place.”