Man too drunk to appear before Doncaster court


A drunk was ejected from Doncaster Magistrates’ Court today after the bench decided he was not fit to appear.

John Stephen Watson, aged 38, of Ansdell Road, Bentley, had already been warned that his behaviour and foul language could be a contempt of court before he was called back into court to answer a charge of shoplifting.

The presiding magistrate said he thought Watson was inebriated and he adjourned the case to until tomorrow morning. “If you come in the morning drunk it may be a different matter,” said the magistrate.

Earlier in the session during a separate case, Watson had approached the dock and tried to give some money to another defendant with whom he appeared to have no connection.

Watson, who referred to the female court clerk as ‘sweetheart’ earlier in the proceedings, faces a charge of stealing two packs of cider from the Co-op in Scawthorpe last March.