Jail for Doncaster thug in driver attack

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A road rage attack following a minor collision during Doncaster’s rush hour has landed a car passenger in jail.

Daniel Richard Sarfraz lashed out at the other car and driver during the latest episode of his history of violence.

His girlfriend, Carline Kynaston, who apologised to the victim for Sarfraz’s shocking behaviour, was also the target of his anger on a later occasion, which resulted in another assault charge.

Doncaster Magistrates’ Court heard the 27-year-old had a previous conviction for assaulting Ms Kynaston in 2011. Sarfraz, of Kings Road, Wheatley, was sent to prison for a total of 20 weeks by District Judge Jonathan Bennett, who told him: “This was a disgraceful incident of road rage.

“You just completely lost it, throwing punches at the other driver across his girlfriend.

“The courts always treat incidents of road rage seriously. I am of the view that it has to be custody.”

Sarfraz, an unemployed electrician, pleaded guilty to common assault on motorist Samuel Foster and Ms Kynaston, and causing £1,000 damage to Mr Foster’s car.

Prosecutor David Marshall said Mr Foster collected his girlfriend from Doncaster College and was heading home along York Road when he drove at slow speed into the back of the car in front at traffic lights.

Sarfraz was in the passenger seat and got out and began kicking the front of Mr Foster’s Honda Civic.

He then leaned in through the passenger window and began aiming blows at Mr Foster’s head while his girlfriend screamed.

Mr Marshall said Sarfraz’s partner was willing to exchange details and apologised for his behaviour.

The second assault on her took place last December when he found she had discovered ‘inappropriate’ texts on his phone.

Sarfraz put his forearm across her throat, threatened to ‘destroy her’, threw over the bed and grabbed her by the throat before packing his bags as she called the police. Ms Kynaston told officers she never wanted him to return because she was terrified of him. Parry Seeley, defending, said the children in the back of Sarfraz’s car began screaming when the other car banged into them and he got out to reprimand the driver. “He assumed the complainant was on his mobile phone and not paying attention and that caused him to get very angry. He accepts he completely over-reacted because the kids were screaming in the background,” she said.

The judge made a restraining order for two years preventing him from contacting Ms Kynaston or being on Osborne Avenue, Woodlands. Sarfraz was banned from driving for six months.