Isle crime briefs

POLICE bounced two men into custody after they were seen stealing a trampoline from an Isle garden.

They were found in Belton, where they were arrested for theft and had their vehicle seized. They are currently being interviewed by police.

* TWO men responsible for the theft of diesel fuel have been arrested in this area by South Yorkshire Police. They are now on bail pending further inquiries.

* LESS than an hour after it had been stolen in South Yorkshire a car was spotted by Humberside police as it was driven along a closed road in the Isle. Thieves abandoned the vehicle, and were not caught, but forensic tests are being done on the car to find out who they were.

* A PROLIFIC burglar alleged to have stolen from the Isle has been arrested at his home in Doncaster. He is now on bail pending further inquiries.

* THREE men in Keadby have been warned about the standard of their driving, and have been warned that if they re-offend during the next year their vehicles will be taken from them, and they will be charged and forced to appear in court.

* TWO people have been cautioned by police following unrelated assaults. A man in Eastoft and a woman in Crowle were the offenders.