Inmates ‘riot’ at Doncaster Prison

HMP Doncaster Prison.
HMP Doncaster Prison.

Inmates reportedly set fire to beds and attacked guards during a six-hour riot at Doncaster Prison on Saturday night.

Violence allegedly erupted just after 5pm at the privately-run Category B Marshgate Prison.

It was reported that prisoners had attacked guards, torched beds and threatened to cause floods in cells.

Guards quelled the riot at 11pm. No one was injured.

A spokeswoman for Serco, which runs the jail, said: “An incident involving a number of prisoners at HMP Doncaster took place in the evening of 22 March.

“Staff intervened to successfully resolve the incident. There were no injuries to prisoners or staff.

“It was isolated to one wing. An investigation will take place into this matter.”

Firefighters from Doncaster, Edlington and Adwick stations were called to the scene.

Police, paramedics and a team that works with prisoners with alcohol dependency issues were also understood to have been called out.

A spokeswoman for the fire service said: “Firefighters were called to reports that inmates in part of the prison were threatening to set fires and flood their cells.

“Crews were present on stand by until about 11pm when they left the scene.”

She added it was unclear at this stage if any fires had actually been started but none of the brigade’s fire officers were called into action by prison staff.

A police spokeswoman said the situation was resolved by prison staff.

The jail can house more than 1000 male prisoners.