‘I didn’t know fiancé was going to be murdered on lonely lane’


A widow accused of murdering her new fiancé on a country lane near Doncaster told police she knew nothing about what happened after he got out of the car with two other men and didn’t return.

In police interviews after her arrest, Angela Dowling, aged 48, of Windmill Avenue, Conisbrough, said she had no idea 50-year-old Alan Easton was going to be stabbed and buried a few minutes later on Harwell Sluice Lane, near Everton, in February 2013.

She described being ‘scared to death’ waiting in her car in darkness after Mr Easton got out of the vehicle with her lodger, Stephen Schofield - who admits the murder, and another man, Matthew Duffy, 23, of Sussex Street, Balby, who denies it.

Dowling claims she had already broken off her brief engagement to Mr Easton because he was allegedly getting too close to a young teenage girl, and she found out he possessed child porn.

She said she did not like how he had been touching the girl.

She added: “I hadn’t got a clue what they were going to do with him, I was on my own in the dark, I was scared for everybody.”

“They told me to stay in the car.”

She said she knew they were going to have a word about the girl, but did not know what they were going to do. She said she thought they were just going to talk to him.

She added: “I don’t understand why they did it. If I’d known they’d got knives I wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

“There’s no way in hell I would have wanted this to happen. I was just driving and doing what they told me.”

Dowling said she couldn’t have walked far on the country track herself because she had been diagnosed with ME a few months earlier.

She admitted to police she was heavily in debt when Mr Easton came to live with her from Dumbartonshire in Scotland a few days before he was killed, and she still owed £4,000 for her husband’s funeral.

The day after his death, Mr Easton’s clothes were recycled and his Xbox was sold by Duffy.

The trial continues today.