Former Doncaster engineer said sex abuse claims ‘were lies’


A former engineer from Doncaster accused of abusing two girls said it was ‘all lies’ when he was arrested, a jury heard.

Stephen Noy, aged 57, made the comment when police came to his home and detained him over allegations which date back to the 1980s, heard Nottingham Crown Court.

He was initially cautioned by a police who outlined the claims.

Noy replied: “Just not happened, you know.”

Noy , of Bernard Road, Edlington, denies eight charges of indecent assault ending in 1990 and two counts of sex with a girl under 13 between 1988 and 1992.

Both women made allegations several years ago but decided not to proceed with their complaints – one was deterred by social workers and another by a policeman.

When the claims emerged again, Noy was interviewed by police in 2013.

He declined his right to a solicitor, telling an officer: “I have not done anything wrong so I don’t think I need one. It’s all total lies, it is ridiculous. None of this is true.”

He said one alleged victim had been with other girls who were ‘bragging about sexual activities’, prompting her to invent stories.

He said social workers heard of the claims, but ‘found it was all a pack of lies’.

Noy, who used to run Edlington Working Men’s Club, said the women made up the allegations.

Referring to one of them, he said the matter had been discussed with her social workers.

He told police: “She was saying I messed about with her. It was just ‘pathetic rubbish’ and they discovered basically they were lies.”

When he was being given details of allegations made by the second woman, he said: “It was all false. I have done nothing to her. They have all talked together. It is just getting beyond a joke.

“It is not true. When am I supposed to be doing this, anyway?

“I was working at the pub all night, building the place up, working there at night, serving people.”

Robert Underwood, prosecuting, described Noy as a ‘predatory paedophile, unable to contain his own lustful desires and who decided to take it upon himself to sexually abuse’.

The victims claimed Noy had a prominent birthmark and this was supported by his former wife, who gave evidence to the jury.

However, no mark was found when Noy was examined by a nurse called by police.

The trial continues.