Field becomes a danger zone

The vandalised play area in Coronach Way, Rossington.
The vandalised play area in Coronach Way, Rossington.

A vicious campaign which could endanger children enjoying a football kickabout on a Doncaster estate has been condemned by residents.

Broken glass and nails have been dropped deliberately between goalposts on a grassed area of the Radburn Road estate at Rossington.

Police are investigating - and are planning to set up a CCTV camera to catch the culprit.

The incidents have shocked people living near the play area on Coronach Way - and the perpetrator has been urged to ‘pack it in’.

A set of goalposts was erected on the green last year after residents of bungalows further along the road complained about teenagers playing football close to their homes.

Joseph Atherton, chairman of the Radburn Road Tenants and Residents’ Association, said: “Those posts are there for the kids but it looks like it’s still an inconvenience to some people.

“I don’t know what we can do - the kids need something like this so they can play but it looks like it’s in the wrong spot.

”But it’s wrong to do this. I’d urge whoever it is to pack it in.”

Angela Szostak, who lives a few doors from the posts, claims paint has also been poured in the goalmouth.

“It’s wrong to do that. I’m not happy to hear they’re putting glass and nails down.

“This is a family estate and we need somewhere for kids to play.

“We didn’t object when they put the posts up even though my son is too old to play there.”

Police say it was agreed with residents that goalposts would be erected in an area away from the bungalows.