Fears of gang violence grow in Doncaster village

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Residents fear community tension could erupt in further violence on the streets of Doncaster – after reports a gang of armed men attacked a car with the driver inside.

The Volkswagen car is said to have been attacked by a group of men wielding baseball bats and planks of wood in Ellerker Avenue, Hexthorpe.

The violent attack follows a brawl in September when two men were stabbed as groups of Poles and Slovaks clashed on the streets of Hexthorpe,

And community activist Stuart Boardman fears the latest attack could spark similar scenes.

Mr Boardman, who lives in Hexthorpe, said: “The two incidents happened almost a year apart, but why hasn’t more been done to stop this kind of thing happening again?

“My niece was at home and said she saw between 10 and 15 men running past the window with weapons.

“I went out and the car was smashed up and before we know it there were six police cars and a riot van there.

“From what I’ve heard it was a group of Roma attacking involved.

“The police and Doncaster Council have been working hard in the area, but the point is people here deserve more than this. People shouldn’t be seeing things like this happening in daylight on their streets.

“I know the police have plans around sorting out anti-social behaviour in the area, but when staff are being cut all the time will there be anyone there to implement any of these strategies?”

Hexthorpe resident Denise Darley said she was also concerned about community tensions in the area.

She said: “Once again, residents are been made to feel that they are being left to fend for themselves.

“When are the council going to do something for residents? We feel intimidated when walking in our own village and being made to feel like outcasts.”

The latest incident happened on Sunday, at about 4.40pm. Although the driver is believed to have been inside the car, police said he was unhurt.

Inspector Lynne Lancaster said officers believed it was a ‘targeted incident linked to an existing dispute’.

She said: “This incident could have resulted in serious injury or worse and we are exploring a number of lines of enquiry to try and identify those involved.

“Anti-social behaviour can ruin communities and as such it will not be tolerated. We have been working alongside the local community to address anti-social behaviour and reports of the crime are falling.

“We have dedicated patrol plans in place for the area and I’d urge anyone with information to give us a call.”

• Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.