Edlington grocery thief caught napping


A bungling shoplifter who escaped with bags of groceries was caught after falling asleep outside the supermarket he had stolen from, a court heard.

Shane Dean Clark, 59, left Asda with £64 of stolen goods but was discovered by staff asleep outside the shop surrounded by bags full of stolen shopping.

Staff had approached Clark earlier in the day inside the store after suspecting he was shoplifting and he handed back several items and was asked to leave.

But after Clark was discovered sleeping outside with the shopping, and £7.47 of stolen frozen ready meals from the Co-op, police were called.

Clark, of Grainger Close, Edlington, admitted two counts of theft on June 9.

Ross Wagstaff, defending, said Clark had led a law-abiding life until his mid 50s when he developed a drink problem following the death of his wife.

He said: “When his wife died he started drinking. What started as something to assist with his grief became a habit, an illness, an addiction.”

The court heard Clark had previously served a prison sentence for shoplifting. Clark was given an eight-week curfew at Doncaster Magistrates Court and asked to stump up £210.