Drivers causing mayhem targeted

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NEWS: News.

A NEW campaign to crack down on ‘boy racers’ and other roadhogs is set to be launched in Doncaster today.

Residents who are sick of drivers speeding, revving their engines, or blasting loud music through open car windows will now be able to make their voices heard about the anti-social road behaviour.

Doncaster Council and police are launching the campaign to help raise awareness of the effects of vehicle-related anti-social behaviour and to encourage residents to report any concerns about nuisance vehicles to the Neighbourhood Response Team.

The team will be patrolling known vehicle nuisance hotspots and also carrying out speed awareness checks throughout the borough in partnership with the police.

In recent weeks speeding vehicles in Adwick-le-Street and Campsall have been reported to Partners and Communities Together meetings.

Last weekend a nuisance motorcycle operation was conducted around Braithwell, Micklebring and Wadworth. There was an incident with two motorcycles on Carr Lane at Wadworth, and a quad bike was seized.

And last summer the police had to conduct patrols near Doncaster Leisure Park to deter anti-social behaviour from motorists in the car park.

They issued 171 warnings to drivers that their vehicles would be seized if they persisted.

The campaign defines ‘vehicle nuisance’ as any form of driving causing alarm or distress to residents, such as driving at excessive speeds, or without attention on the highway, parking in large groups and leaving litter, causing noise nuisance from loud car radios, and speeding around small villages and parking areas.

Joan Beck, Doncaster Council’s director for adults and communities, said: “Like all areas of the country Doncaster has some issues with anti-social behaviour, although this problem is 25 per cent lower locally than it was at this point last year, thanks to the work of the council and our partners in the police.

“This proactive initiative is another example of our ongoing work to make Doncaster a safer place. Running campaigns on different aspects of anti-social behaviour in selected areas across the borough helps raise awareness and encourages people to report their concerns while also tackling the issues head-on where they are causing a nuisance.

“We use real time intelligence to target these areas as well as information from the community and priorities raised at local PACT meetings. In some cases we will be doing preventative work to stop areas becoming a problem.”

As part of the campaign an event is being held in the town centre at Clock Corner on Thursday, February 14, between 9am and 3pm where residents can drop in and discuss issues about nuisance vehicles and other anti-social behaviour.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service will also be there to raise awareness of road safety issues and the effects of reckless driving.

Deputy Mayor, Coun Cynthia Ransome, Cabinet Member for communities, street scene and environmental protection, said: “Residents don’t have to tolerate any form of vehicle nuisance that is causing alarm or distress, and we are encouraging people to report their concerns.

“This campaign also aims to educate people about the effects of their behaviour and will include speed awareness patrols to help discourage reckless and inconsiderate driving.”

Chf Insp Neil Thomas, of Doncaster police, said: “South Yorkshire Police is pleased to be part of this initiative and will look to use enforcement powers to assist the work of the Neighbourhood Response Team.

“People who use their cars in an antisocial manner need to be aware that the police and council have the ability to seize their vehicles if it is necessary in order to prevent this type of behaviour.”

Anyone who is concerned about nuisance vehicles is encouraged to attend the event on Thursday or call the Neighbourhood Response Team on 736000.