Doncaster woman placed on sex offenders’ register

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An eastern European woman working in Doncaster has been added to the list of Britain’s sex offenders after South Yorkshire Police became aware of her past history.

The criminal record of the 32-year-old from Lithuania caught up with her this week when Doncaster magistrates imposed a notification order on her, which means she will be bound by the conditions of the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Viktorija Baranauskaite, of Ellerker Avenue, Hexthorpe, failed to attend the hearing, despite an interpreter being booked and her solicitor, James Gray, attending, and the case was proved in her absence.

Mr Gray told the court he could not explain the defendant’s absence and asked for an adjournment, but the bench decided to hear the case.

Pc Lynette Temperton-Ball, of Doncaster’s public protection unit, said her office received a copy of Baranauskaite’s criminal record earlier this month which showed she had been convicted of sexually assaulting a minor by a district court in Telsiai, Lithuania, in November 2008.

The officer said the offence was comparable to a sexual abuse charge in English law which meant she fitted the necessary criteria to be placed on the UK Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.

The decision means she will be subject to the same rules as Britihs sex offenders, whoh have to give details of their current address to police and allow regular checks on them at home.

On the same list was another sex offender living in Ellerker Avenue, Hexthorpe.

Martin Gazi, aged 39, consented to a similar order after admitting he had been convicted of rape at the Roznava District Court in Slovakia in December 2005.

A police spokesman said they were receiving criminal records from eastern Europe ‘thick and fast’ and other cases would be coming before the courts.

Under the legislation, offenders who have been convicted of relevant offences must notify police within three days of conviction or caution of their name, their home address and any other addresses where they regularly stay, their date of birth, national insurance number, and details of any passports they hold.

Further notification is required if any of those details change, or if the registered person stays for a qualifying period at a previously undeclared address.

Details of Baranauskaite’s offence, for which she received a six months’ prison term, were not disclosed because police have not been given that information.