Doncaster village plagued by rogue riders

South Yorkshire Police helicopter.
South Yorkshire Police helicopter.

RESIDENTS of a Doncaster village have asked for police action after the peace was shattered by rogue riders.

Nuisance motorcycles has been made a priority action by the Doncaster South Safer Neighbourhood Team after officers received reports of motorbikes and quad bikes causing a disturbance in Wadworth.

Police have alreday seized one motorcycle and a quad bike in the crackdown.

Wadworth Parish Council chairman Duncan Wright said: “It has been a problem on and off for some time, for the last 12 months to two years.”

The rogue riders have been seen criss-crossing the village playing field and churning up the grass.

“For the last couple of weekends it’s been better but that may be because the weather kept them off the road.”

It is believed a lot of the bikers are travelling from Rossington up Carr Lane to get to Edlington and Wadworth Woods. They have also traversed the village green, leaving wheel tracks on the turf.

“Wadworth is normally a peaceful village and not noted for its crime rate so to know the police are treating it as a priority is reassuring.”

South Yorkshire Police made it a priority issue on March 8 and have since carried out several patrols in the area.

Sergeant Russell Higham, of the South SNT said: “We have had a couple of recent reports of nuisance motorcycles from residents in Wadworth.

“To tackle the issue we have run a number of successful operations using off-road motorcycles, the Force helicopter and officers from the local team.

“Recently, we have issued two warning notices and seized one bike and one quad bike.

“We appreciate the calls from local residents as without them, we aren’t able to do some about the problems that matter to the community. If you have concerns about nuisance motorcycles, please call South Yorkshire Police on 101.”