Doncaster torture victim speaks out: “I didn’t think they’d let me live”

Summer was tortured for eight hours
Summer was tortured for eight hours

This is the battered and bruised face of Doncaster torture victim Summer Gregg.

Brave torture victim Summer Gregg told today how she considered leaping 50ft out of an eighth floor window to escape her sadistic abusers.

Summer Gregg was tortured by three people she considered friends for over eight hours. The trio were sentenced to five years each at Crown Court.

Summer Gregg was tortured by three people she considered friends for over eight hours. The trio were sentenced to five years each at Crown Court.

The 17-year-old has revealed she contemplated jumping because she believed she was about to die at the hands of her vicious attackers.

Summer said: “I didn’t think I was going to make it out of the flat alive and thought maybe jumping out of the window would either kill me or save me – but at that point I began to think it was my only way out.”

The Free Press revealed last week how the teenager was subjected to an appalling attack for more than eight-and-a-half hours during which she was beaten with a metal chain and piece of wood, repeatedly kicked, punched and slapped and made to ‘act like a dog’ by three thugs she believed were her friends.

The trio – all locked up by a judge at Sheffield Crown Court for the ‘prolonged and degrading attack’ – even spat and urinated on Summer as she begged to be allowed to leave.

Summer’s night of torture began when she called at the Doncaster town centre flat of her ‘friend’ Jay Blades in the hope of staying overnight because she was worried it was too late to return to her parents’ home.

Blades, 20, was in the flat with James Canning, also 20, and 21-year-old Amy Gaines.

Former Don Valley Academy pupil Summer, now 18, said she considered Amy a friend and thought Jay was a ‘nice guy’ – but she sensed ‘something was wrong’ as soon as she entered the flat.

“My instinct was saying this isn’t right, but I know them so thought it would probably be okay,” she said.

Before long, the trio began ‘plotting’ and were sending messages to one another via their mobile phones.

They began telling Summer her boyfriend had been cheating on her and became ‘aggressive’ when she refused to believe them.

Summer said: “I started saying I wanted to go home and tried to leave, but Amy stopped me and blocked the door and said that because she was a mother she couldn’t let me leave at that time in the morning.

“She started smacking me around and pushing me into the wall and started saying ‘it’s me being a good mother’.

“They were kicking me, punching me slapping me and shouting things at me. At one point Jay had one of those motorbike chains and he started hitting me with it.

“I kept thinking what have I done to make them change? What have I done to make them want to hurt me that bad?

“Jay started doing martial arts moves and said it had been his birthday wish to try them out so got the others to film it.

“I wasn’t allowed to sit on the sofa because they said they didn’t want to catch anything from me and told me to get on all fours and act like the dog I am.

“I was so terrified, I kept thinking they’re not going to let me live.

“James started weeing on me all in my hair. I begged them to stop it all but they just didn’t care.

“My eye had got all swollen up from where they had been punching me, and they started squirting lemon juice in it.”

But the terrified teen revealed her most terrifying moment came when she heard the trio discussing how they wanted to kill her.

“They were talking about killing me and then getting a van and abandoning it with my body in it in the middle of nowhere or maybe driving it into the river where no-one would ever find me.”

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